Rhetorical Choices and Genre Conventions

Rhetorical Choices and Genre Conventions

Step 1 Submit your Genre Piece #2 & Composer’s Statement.
Step 2 Be sure that you upload two (2) files for this assignment — your (1) Genre Piece #2 file AND (2) your Composer’s Statement file. I must receive both files in order to assess your assignment submission properly.
For this course, every genre piece you create must be accompanied by The Composer’s Statement. In this 3-4-page document (at least 1,000 words), please explain:
o The rhetorical choices you made as you composed your genre piece. Define your purpose, audience, and how you wished to affect your audience. Please also discuss your use of rhetorical appeals and the mode and medium you chose to work in.
o How you worked within (or broke out of) genre conventions. Discuss the elements that define the genre most typically, and how you responded to those in your composition. Discuss your style (written or other), your use of design, and how you drew on sources. In fact, as you write, please draw on sources and cite them in the text of your paper and in a Works Cited page at the end.
Your Statement should be documented in the MLA format. Within the text of your Statement, please draw on specific sources that informed your composition. Include both in-text citations and a Works Cited page at the end of your Statement. Remember, you’re reflecting on your process–and persuading your readers that you made thoughtful choices. Maybe your choices weren’t all perfect, but that’s okay. This is your chance to explain your intentions.
• You can organize your Composer’s Statement with the two headings below — Rhetorical Choices and Genre Conventions. Try to answer every bulleted point below in your paper.
• Here are some Student Samples of Genre Piece #2 & Composer’s Statement.
• Use these questions to guide your 3-4-page Composer’s Statement:
Rhetorical choices
o What was your purpose? For example, did you set out to tell a story, report information, or present a persuasive argument? Or some combination? How well do you think you achieved your purpose? What, if anything, might you have done differently?
o Who was your intended primary audience? Secondary audience? Why? Characterize the people in each group. What are their assumptions and expectations about your topic? How did you speak to these audiences? What message did you want them to take away from your composition? For example, did you want them to take a specific action?
o Did you use one or more of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos), and how effective were you in reaching your audience through appeals?
o How and why did you choose the mode and medium that you decided on? What are the advantages to these choices? How might you alter your choices in future genre compositions?
Genre Conventions
o Why did you choose the genre that you did? What elements of the genre interested you the most? How did you use or subvert the conventions of the genre?
o What choices did you make in terms of style (including organization, language, voice, and tone)? What did you consider in making these choices?
o Evaluate your design. Why did you choose to work with text, images, video, and audio (and any other elements) as you did? How effective do you think you were? What might you have done differently if you had more time?
o What sources did you draw on for this piece? How did you decide which sources were right for you? How did you integrate them into your composition? Did you cite them according to the conventions of your genre?

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