***8 principles of a successful bookmaker***Betting in bookmakers has become very popular nowadays. The players who bet in them follow sports events, and having found an event where there is a clear favourite and an underdog, they rush to bet on the event, already thinking about future winnings. But, unfortunately, this approach to betting is doomed to fail.To succeed in betting (sports betting) you have to strictly follow the basic rules that were formulated by professional bettors who only bet on [system bet](https://parimatch.co.tz/blog/en/system-bets/) Parimatch. In this article we will talk about them in detail.***1. Don’t gamble with money you would hate to lose.***The amount you can afford to gamble with should not be too high with your earnings, nor should you deny yourself something just to place another bet.***2. Set a clear goal for yourself.***If you want to get some extra adrenaline out of betting while watching your favourite team play, that’s one thing. But if you’re aiming to make betting on sports as your extra income, that’s a completely different conversation.***3. Take it easy when you lose.***Even a professional gambler isn’t immune to losses and they will happen from time to time. There are series of failures, when you can lose a considerable part of the bankroll. And during this period, the main task for you is to keep a sober mind. After a while the failures will recede, and you will have the opportunity to increase your bankroll.***4. Do not try to win back.***Once again, it’s all about emotion. Many players can’t find a place to settle even after a small loss, and try to win back the loss. And this is the most common reason for losses at the betting shops. At this time, the player is in no condition to correctly predict the outcome of the upcoming match. Our advice: take a break from betting, switch to something else until you recover from the loss.***5. Choose a tournament that you know about.***This is much better than betting on 10 tournaments you know nothing about. Only bet on Parimatch in one league that you know well. It may take you weeks to get to know the league, and you bet rarely, but you can predict all the possible outcomes that may occur in the game.***6. Don’t bet on popular events.***Bookmakers will underbid on high profile events which get a lot of coverage on TV and in the press. After all, a huge amount of money will be put into them anyway, and the betting shops have no need to offer overly good odds.***7. Try new gambling strategies***The world of sports betting is in constant flux. A strategy that can consistently give a player a profit today will not necessarily do the same thing a few years from now. Bookmakers are always busy looking for “holes” and fixing them. You are better off trying out new strategies. You can do that by opening a small account at any Parimatch bookmaker’s office or by playing new strategies virtually, so as not to lose any real money.***8. Don’t make express bets.***A lot of players have already lost money betting on expresses, but continue to play them anyway. Of course it’s more fun to win 20 times your bet, rather than 1.75 times, but that will not last long. In the long run, playing in parlays will cause you to lose your deposit. The reason for this is the margin, which can be as low as 2% to 10% in a single event, while in a Parlay, it can go as high as 40%. Can you win at the bookmaker in such a situation?Betting on sports can give you the joy of your victories and the bitterness of your defeats. Believe in your strength, but don’t forget to do something to win. Work on yourself, try out new strategies, read relevant articles and talk to other players. And don’t forget that in order to succeed in betting, just like in any other business, you should not lie on your sofa, but act and bet only on a trusted Parimatch resource.

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