Residents of the retirement community are allowed to go and come as they wish so the residents have a lot of freedom.

There are several problems that could arise from having our grandmother move in with us for long-term care. For starters, our grandmother might become embarrassed or feel humiliated that she has to live with us and be dependent on us after being independent for most of her life. Many aged individuals who live with their children and are completely dependent on them usually demonstrate these feelings of embarrassment and humiliation.

In addition, changing our work schedules and social calendars can take a long time. This means that before schedules get adjusted correctly, we will be living our grandmother in the house all day. If her condition worsens she might not be able to move freely in and out of the house. This restriction on her movement can lead to accidents in the house which might lead to injuries or even death. She might also become very bored if we live her in the house alone every day.

Other than having our grandmother live with us, we can have her live in a retirement community. A retirement community is whereby the elderly live in individual apartments that are in a multi-unit setting. Group meals, housekeeping and transportation are provided by the company maintaining the community. These communities also have many organized social activities which are centered on the interests and health of the elderly people living in the community.

Residents of the retirement community are allowed to go and come as they wish so the residents have a lot of freedom. Some of these communities also offer access to nurses who can consult with the residents on health issues. If the care needs of an individual resident increase or become more complex then the company offers additional services to the resident. These additional services include providing help with bathing and doing laundry (Parker-Pope, 2010).

These retirement communities have a variety of living arrangements for the residents based on their level of independence. There are also common spaces where the residents can meet up and engage in uplifting and healthy social activities. The communities also have common kitchens and cafeteria to increase the opportunities for the elderly residents to socialize.

A retirement community will be very beneficial for our grandmother. In such a community she will get many new friends her age because of the many opportunities to socialize that are provided in the retirement community. She will also be independent while living in the retirement community. A sense of independence is important for all elderly people and it might increase the quality of their lives. She can also be given additional assistance in tasks that she cannot handle without losing her independence. Such tasks may include shopping, laundry, driving and cooking (Parker-Pope, 2010).

This option is fairly expensive especially if she requires more care than is expected. There is also the possibility that the retirement community may not be able to provide the required care that our grandmother might need. Another problem that this option poses is the fact that these retirement communities are usually very far away.

In conclusion, there are two options available to us when it comes to taking care of our aging grandmother. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can have our grandmother move in with us. This option will allow us to keep a close eye on our grandmother and take care of her like she has been taking care of us from the very beginning. However, she might get embarrassed and humiliated because she is dependent on us. The other option is to take her to a retirement community where she will be with people her age and will have more independence. The problem with this option is the expense involved and the distance from our home.


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