Research study related to forensic psychology

research study related to forensic psychology. Present an analysis of the article by addressing the following points:

2.Identify the research question, independent variable, and dependent variable.
3.If you were the researcher conducting this study and found that you were not familiar with the particular research population, what steps would you take to prepare yourself to conduct the research with this population?

4.Was any deception used in this study? If so, why was this deception necessary? If not, do you think that the study would have benefited from any kind of deception?

5.What steps did the researcher take to protect his or her participants?
6.What are the limitations of the study’s design and/or implementation?
7.If you were the researcher, would you have conducted this study the same way in relation to ethics and protection of the participants? If not, what changes would you make?
A minimum 300 word and follow APA rules .
The post research study related to forensic psychology.

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