Using the White Paper titled Simple but Effective Problem Statements and Research Questions and your approved Problem Statement Bullet Outline from Task 1 as a guide,  5-6 Pages1. Develop three to four research questions. Where appropriate, develop sub-questions that address facets of the overall research questions. Following the list of research questions, you will discuss how each research question (and sub questions) addresses aspects of the specific problem sentence. Finally, you will discuss how taken together, the research questions (and sub questions) fully address the specific problem statement. Include an APA formatted reference section.    How does this give insight into your specific problem? How about starting by asking why… Keep this simple, what are the things you need to know to understand the problem.2.Discussion of Methodology:Begin with a theme sentence: “This study will be conducted with a XXXXX design using XXXXX method(s) specifically, a XXXXX design will be used”. Then discuss why this is the appropriate methodology for your study. Provide citations to support factual assertions about the function of the design and reference your problem statement and research questions in demonstrating why this is the correct methodology.PLEASE SEE ATTACHED THE APPROVED PROBLEM STATEMENT AND THE WHITE PAPER AS  A GUIDE. Please this is a doctoral level paper. Thank you.

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