Request for Exception To Absence Policy

Request for Exception To Absence Policy

The purpose of this memo is to obtain your approval for my absences during our weekly lab meeting via clarifying the reasons for future two absences, along with providing temporal adjustment of working arrangement to ensure my assigned research updates weekly. I hope this memo will resolve your concerns towards my request.


As you may have known previously in our lab dinner last year, I cannot attend our first two lab in February because my cousin is getting married next month (February 12), where I have promised to stand by her side as a bridesmaid, as her strongest backup.

Given the fact that her wedding will be held in New York, I believe that at least a week before wedding will be sufficient for my preparation, such as gift shopping, bridesmaid dress and other accessories, rehearsal dinner. The role of the bridesmaid has numerous works to do, but I feel happy to do so for my close relative as well as my best friend. Thus, I may need to leave Irvine and head to New York early next month, around February 2.

After working 4 years in your earch assistant, I fully aware of our lab regulation regarding absences of weekly lab meeting, which states that only three absences are excused, except for school activities. As you may recall that I have already missed two meetings due to my potential contagious flu, can I have the permission for a leave of two absences in the meetings?


My main responsibility is to perform data tracking analysis for T-cells migration, along with assisting in tissue cultures and certain experiments. During the time I leave the lab, I will follow my proposed working schedule to prevent from any delay of our working progress as a whole. I will send you a more comprehensive plan containing my specific tasks with completed dates and timeline of our research project.

Here is a brief accommodation listed for you:

1) Firstly, with regarding my current assigned tasks, I can assure you to complete all of them before leaving, which is two days predate our discussed deadline.

2) For the future pending assignment, I have informed and consulted for data acquisition group who claimed that they may need at least two weeks to complete the experiment and then send me the new data. The earliest time for them to delivery those data would be around February 16. By that time, I should have arrived in Irvine and start processing new data.

3) For lab meetings, since we conduct lab meetings targeted specifically on our inner groups, I have talked to our groups, and we all agree with the idea of conducting our weekly meeting on an online meeting software (“GoToMeeting”) during the time I leave for New York. It has proven to an optimal alternation, as we did a nice online meeting previously with a professor from UC, San Francisco.

4) Lastly, for performing experiments, we have finished the experiment about stimulation of spinal cords from mice. Another future experiments will need further approval from institution, and after submitting the required paper works, we will not get back any decision until February 20. I will be back five days in advanced.

I really hope you can consider my request and grant the leaves for the aforementioned dates. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or need further clarification regarding my request.

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