Reflection and philosophy


Preparing and analyzing business plan will be key to your success.  Seriously.  It may seem tedious at first, but you will forever be grateful that you did it.  Just sit down with a great snack and hammer it out.  Better yet, think of your business as your baby.

Writing the business plan is the pregnancy! Here are some key components of a business structure, no matter what the size of your service will be:  solo, small group our large hospital. A business plan allows you to take a look at your dream. Be objective and critical with your plan. Is it realistic?

Here’s some guiding questions to help you make your dream realistic enough to navigate through the real world.

  1. Do I know everything I need to know about starting a business? Or, will I continue to strive to learn the things I don’t know?
  2. Can I continue to do what brings me satisfaction within my business?
  3. Am I committed to this business and for how long?
  4. Am I protecting myself and my loved ones from untoward results of my decisions?
  5. Is this decision best for me, my loved ones, the families I’ll be working with, and the health care system as a whole?
  6. Bottom line: Is this a win-win decision and do I have the commitment to continue to make it a win-win decision.

Your business plan as an operating tool, which, if you work it, will help you carry your practice to success.

Here’s some examples of why you would need a business plan:

  • to secure funding from a financial institution, an agency, the state or federal government through grant applications
  • to sell an idea to a hospital administrator, or even a legislator, or a consumer group
  • to evaluate whether a job offer from a practice is part of your path, or
  • to start your own home birth practice, a birthing center, a hospital practice

This assignment is part reflection, and part discussion of philosophy.

Take a look at ACNM’s philosophy at

and at MANA’s statement of values and ethics at

Many misperceptions still exist about midwifery and the role of the nurse-midwife.  You may have experienced some of these misperceptions during your pursuit of this career.  Consider how your perception of the nurse-midwife has changed over the past year.  How has your experience changed your perspective?

Midwife means “with woman.” What does this mean to you?

This assignment involves posting your reflection and nurse-midwifery philosophy.Your response should contain, but not be limited to these basic questions:

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you exist
  3. How you are going to act to meet your mission
  4. When and under what circumstances we can expect you to be there for us
  5. What are you going to look like to us?  (Birth Center? Home Birth? Hospital Service?)
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