Submitted in PDF format only.  Do not submit Excel spreadsheets or datasets.  Please copy and paste ALL prompts in your write up with your response presented beneath.  Respond in complete sentences. Respond to ALL requested actions.  Please format to class expectations  all charts and tables that you generateDirections: Examine the dataset for this assignment and then respond to the prompts below.  The prompts are open-ended so please take the time to provide a complete detailed and statistically justified response using concepts introduced in this class..1). On visual inspection of the dataset file only,  which of the following 3 statistical tools, explored in class, may be possible candidates to use to perform an analysis of this dataset ? Reference specific variables , and variable characteristics, as you explain your choice(s).Simple RegressionOne-way ANOVATime Series Analysis2) Select ONLY one of your analysis choices from #1.  State your selection.3) Perform all needed analysis steps on the dataset using your choice technique stated in #2.  When performing your analysis,  you are not permitted to use exact variable assignment combinations that have been assigned in previous homework assignments using this dataset. Report all charts, tables, and interpretations used in your analysis..4) Report the conclusion from your analysis

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