prenatal and Newborn development

Custom Writing Service: prenatal and Newborn development
1) Do you know the gender of this baby? If so, how?
2) What do you plan on naming this baby?
3) In ideal circumstances, how would you like to welcome you baby? (i.e. non-separation, immediate nursing, hear you voice first, etc.
4) Do you plan on nursing?
5) If mother & baby need to be separated, who should remain with mom, who should remain with baby?
6) Do you plan on circumcising this child if it is male?
7) Do you have special concerns about your child?
Student question. Based on what you’ve learned, ask at least one more question; what else
would you like to know about this person’s life?
After you describe the interview, discuss your reaction (three paragraphs).
1. What did you learn? Did anything surprise you?
2. How did you feel during the interview?
3. What changes (if any) have occurred in your perception of the prenatal/first year? (What did you think before? What do you think now?)

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