Describe the software engineering process, the challenges in managing software development activities, and the potential interface issues from the software development perspective.
October 24, 2018
January 18, 2018

This question context comes from the textbook Economic Engineering AnalysisTwo mutually exclusive alternatives are being considered. Both have lives of 5 years. Alternative A has a first cost of $2,500 and annual benefits of $746. Alternative B has a first cost of $6,000 and annual benefits of $1664. If the MARR is 8%, state here on Blackboard what to select as the best alternative using an incremental ROR analysis. You must state here on Blackboard all rates of return (in percent to 2 decimal placesA solid wheel is being rolled toward the right along a horizontal surface by a force whose line of action is horizontal. The diameter of the wheel is 2.5 ft, the wheel weighs 80 lb, and the magnitude of the force is 15 lb. If the friction force is sufficient to prevent slipping of the wheel on the supporting surface, the magnitude of the linear acceleration of the center of gravity would be A. 3.22 fps per sec. C. 5.15 fps per sec. B. 4.03 fps per sec. D. 6.44 fps per sec.


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