March 2, 2019
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March 2, 2019

Personal Finance Research task

Personal Finance Research task

Research Paper (600 points) Due Date: Nov 30, 2017

TOPIC: Investing for the future


The 600-point Research Paper will consist of at least two and a half pages, typewritten, double-spaced, using good grammar and excellent written English. You can use Times New Roman 12 font. You can use MLA formatting. You will select the article(s) to use for the topic of EBusiness / Ecommerce and then write the research paper using the following elements:

Grading Rubric

· 150 pts. will be given for a well-written summary of your current goals

· 400 pts for a well-written detailed financial plan of your blueprint for success in investing for the future.

· 50 pts for work cited page

Elements of the Research paper

1) Summary of your current situation (Current Goals, academic career and professional career)

2) Create SMART goals for yourself for 3 different timelines: a) Short-term (less than 1 year) b) Intermediate term (between 1 to 3 years) and c) Long-term (greater than 3 years)

3) How will you achieve these goals that you have defined for each of the 3 timelines?

4) What are the different financial instruments that you have learned in the class will you invest in to achieve these financial goals?

5) How will you start investing?

6) What are the milestones you have to achieve financially in order to judge whether you are on the track with your financial plan?

7) What are the obstacles that can keep you from achieving your financial goals?

8) What will you do in order to clear these obstacles in order to reach your goals?

9) How will you use this detailed financial plan to achieve the success that you have mapped for yourself?

10) Conclusion

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