That outline must be approximately 150 to 250 words long, with an indication of at least three sources (e.g., Internet sites, books, court cases, newspaper stories) you have found and may use. The outline is not graded, but we usually acknowledge its receipt and often also write to the submitting student with advice on how to approach his/her paper and/or with a request that he/she revise his/her outline.One approach (BUT NOT THE ONLY APPROACH) is to write a paper arising from, relating to, delving deeper into, or otherwise concerning a real case or actual example discussed in the LSB text, in the Barron’s book, or in one or more of the class-related YouTube videos. Generally, it would be much better to choose a case or example that was not discussed at great length (e.g., for more than one or two paragraphs), because that gives more opportunity for you to do your own research and develop your own insights. This is not the only approach. Generally, any law topic that is business related (very broadly defined) is acceptable. Do not write about abortion, about any subject that is more pertinent to another course than to a law course, about a case from earlier than 2010, or about a criminal law matter not related to business.

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