Nursing 18200 Theory Application and Evaluation Assignment

Nursing 18200 Theory Application and Evaluation Assignment

Please answer the following questions. Note the space constraints. In total this paper should not exceed three and a half pages.

1. In class we have spent time discussing the “Art of Nursing” and what it means in the application of nursing practice.

How would you, as the nurse, apply the “Art of Nursing” to the following situations? Write a paragraph for each scenario.

a. A mother who has delivered a stillborn child

b. A patient who has just been told he has cancer

c. A family who is unsure whether or not to place a loved one in an extended care facility

2. In class we have heard and discussed many nursing theories and their application to nursing practice. You are also now hearing about nursing diagnoses. After reading each diagnosis and provided nursing interventions, choose a theory that you think would work the best in addressing the problem. Explain why you think it is the best fit. No more than 1 page per diagnosis

a. NANDA nursing diagnosis: Sleep deprivation

Suggested Outcome: Rest and sleep

Nursing interventions:

Keep environment quiet for sleeping

Consider the use of ear plugs

Encourage the client to use soothing music to facilitate sleep

Which theory do you think would work best for a client with this diagnosis, outcomes, and these interventions? Type you answer below. Explain why you think it is the best fit.

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