June 13, 2019
· Write a problem statement for the problem/issue you have selected for your Capstone Project.
June 13, 2019



Please take a moment and review this presentation:

Image: Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes from beaversonWJH

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1) Take any class you’re taking and use one of the styles of note-taking skills recommended in your textbook.

2) Post one page of your note-taking results here.

What was it like to implement some of the new skills for note-taking that the textbook has recommended? Which of your note-taking skills were reinforced?

3) Comment on the note-taking posted by another student.

Was material posted that could be used by you to prepare for an exam?

Was the material posted in a logical and orderly fashion so that you could study from these notes?

What would you recommend to strengthen their note-taking strategies?

If you are not taking any other classes this semester, use this class for practicing note-taking skills.

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