Political Science

Name an aspect of your life that is directly influenced by a public organization and identify whether this influence is a responsibility of the federal government or a provincial/territorial, local/ band level of government.

Answer: There are many activities that take place where I live in the Nova Scotia area. In fact, at times I fall sick and I have to obtain the services of a doctor. Since the cost of health is extremely high in private health institutions, I have to find ways of obtaining cheap treatment and medication. Therefore, I go to one the many public hospitals in Nova Scotia where the services offered are affordable. The hospitals are funded by the federal government as part of its plan to ensure that Canadian citizens have access to health care (Francis 34). The nurses, doctors and all the other people working in the hospitals are paid by the federal government. Also, the drugs at the hospital are sometimes given by other countries that have relations with Canada. However, not everyone in Nova Scotia can afford to go to the public hospitals. Since my health is a priority in my life, I am aware that I have to invest in a good healthcare provider. At the moment, it is only a public hospital that can do that for me. The federal government should find ways of ensuring that its hospitals provide high quality and affordable services to everyone. The public is a concern of the government in every way possible (Francis 75). For example, the homeless often do not have the privilege of acquiring services from the hospitals. This is despite the fact that the hospitals are cheap and accessible. This is a problem that is affecting the public health system and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Therefore, the federal government should put more funds aside to be used to improve the health care system in Canada and especially in Nova Scotia.

What kinds of input should senior public servants be allowed in the development of public policy choices?

Answer: There is a lot that is being done to ensure that the senior public servants in Nova Scotia engage in developing public policy choices. Seniors serve in various public organizations, as well as in the community and the government. They have a right to participate in making public policy decisions just like any other citizen. The government should ensure that senior public servants become well informed about the various policies that exist. Furthermore, they should ensure that the come up with polices that will serve the interests of all the community members. Seniors should be given research and information that is up to date (Miljan 52). This means that they will be able to make informed decisions that will influence policy. Seniors serving in public office should be allowed to build partnerships and coalitions with likeminded champions, allies and groups. Also, they should be provided with a forum whereby they can connect on a regular basis with the media and local politicians. Therefore, workshops can be established for them so that they can give their opinions and ideas concerning public policy issues. Senior public servants have a lot to contribute in matters that concern public policy (Miljan 60). They have served in various capacities while working and thus have knowledge on issues that need to be addressed. Their input as has been mentioned is highly valuable and should be taken into consideration.

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