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July 12, 2019
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Module 4 Assignment 1: Exploratory Essay And Research Proposal


For Module 5 you will write an argument essay on a topic that interests you. That essay is many steps away, though. In Module 4 you will begin with exploration, preliminary research, and brainstorming.

Consider this assignment an anti-essay. For this essay, you are not supposed to have a thesis, you will not write an introduction or a conclusion, and your body paragraphs will not be focused on supporting a main argument or claim.

Wait. What?

You heard me right. This paper is not about reporting on an idea or arguing a position. This paper is about you satisfying a genuine curiosity using the research process.

Your goal is to explore. Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in learning more about. Think of questions you want answered. Be curious. For this essay, you start by researching the answer to one question, and that question/answer should lead you to other questions. Follow them and see where they take you. Research is recursive. The knowledge of the answer to one question leads you to the next question.

In this essay you will narrate your research process, and explain what you learn and how it helps answer your research question.

You should spend approximately 6 hours on this assignment.


Pre-Write: Start with the research questions you developed for Discussion 1: Research Brainstorming. That is it. This anti-essay does not require pre-writing. The essay is about exploring the idea.


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