People Don’t Set Goals

Goals are set for different perspectives in life. Goals range from finance, health, games and every person realizes and comprehends the supremacy of setting goals. Years have elapsed where by specialists and gurus have indulged and explained the worth of prioritizing goals and objectives. In this framework of thought, authors and speakers have put down novels and volumes as well as creating courses that teach people about goal setting. There are many reasons, which instigate people not to set goals in their lives. Unbelievably, this is not definite due to lack of education. Every seminar or conference usually has a point of setting goals to act as a guideline of achieving something. This subject has been widely mentioned for many years now. The subject of goal setting might be tackled in detail, at times just as a mention, but it is virtually constantly present. Moreover, almost every instance it portents an orgasmic groan ranging about 80 percent of the eager audience. People say that they do not set goals due to lack of time.

Certainly, this might be the cause since they lack the time to set goals. There is no time to put them down and review them in a regular basis. People do not have the moment and time to alter and modify their habitual and customary actions. This might never be the reason owing to some statistics featured by Nielsen Media Research Company. The statistics put forward that the US standard person has 28 hours on TV weekly. The number in Britain was depicted to be much advanced at 32 hours weekly. Consequently, even if persons assigned a kind one hour for evaluating and modifying goals each week plus allowing half an hour of watching TV programmes daily, ample time would still be there to guarantee that a person will never miss his or her favorite programmes! A majority of persons never believe or consider what they hear. People do not deem and believe what is trained to them. There is the lack of trust that they would accomplish extensively more than they are presently accomplishing in their current ventures, merely by setting goals.

This is not astonishing. Every person is a creature of his or her individual circumstances. Every person forms convictions based on past encounters and the surrounding people. If one has people in his surrounding who never have goals and objectives, it follows that he will feel skeptical or are not motivated with them. Some people merely set mistaken goals. These people establish goals that they believe they should set. They place goals that their relatives, peers, teachers, boss and lecturers desire them to set. They place goals that they imagine they crave but that they actually do not. Setting the mistaken goals will probably see the desired achievements and efforts become unsuccessful. Moreover, even worse than that a person could thrive in accomplishing something that he in reality did not desire. Reaching the wrong mountain top after exhausting an entire life is not a pleasant encounter. There is every possibility that the person will throw himself directly off it again!

When people try something and fail they tend to give up. This owes to the humiliation fear or contrast with other persons who have done well. Fear paralyzes lots of individuals not to take action. Fear instigates virtual inaction and makes almost every person continue with habitual actions. Laziness is also a factor that has to emerge in the goal setting perspective. Goals call for energy, and without it, a person will not take a single stride towards its achievement. The majority of individuals do not set goal owing to laziness. They never say they are lazy but are too busy doing their other goals. Setting goals will instigate a person to do things outside of his comfort zone. Setting large goals might take an extensive and a long way outside that one might not be able to work comfortably. Setting goals plus following the set dreams could take an unimaginable journey and hard work. In the present society, people desire everything at a go. The present society is an instant satisfaction and a short term civilization. If people desire something, they buy it right there and instantly without the conviction of not having money. If a person wants something, he or she will get a loan and buy it immediately.

People are usually attentive on the present circumstances in life. Live in the present world and pay later. They have the mentality of living in the present and are never concerned about the resultant issues. Goal setting needs a concentration on the future. A person is obligated to save for his or her retirement, as opposed to blowing the additional cash on sweepstake tickets and trusting in a lighting hit, thinking about a wedding day but never contemplating on the matrimony as a whole, having a crash diet but never idealizing about the training essential to be a healthy individual. This attitude now is never the most excellent manner to set ambitions. The ‘I want it now’ perspective has no concern about goals. This perspective will be blustered about in life by the storms of desire and wish and immediate gratification.

Goal Definition

My desire and paramount goal is becoming an accountant and to attain a masters degree in the United States. After this achievement, I look forward to going back to Saudi Arabia, get married and establish a happy family. With my master degree, I desire to establish my own accounting firm in Saudi Arabia in future.

Career Goal

The 21 day plan

I will employ the 21 day plan towards achieving my goal. I intend to concentrate more on my studies and researches in an attempt to achieve my master degree in the United States. Waking up earlier than 4am is my intention so that I can carry on my research while the mind is uninvolved. With this in mind, I do not presume to sleep past 12.30 am. I will concentrate highly in my classes and reach my lectures earlier and in time than before. Since Meditation is a key act in Saudi Arabia, I plan to meditate every day before sleeping. Meditation clears cerebral confusion and decreases the amount of sleep that a person requires. Within the 21 day period, Self-Enrichment practices will be imperative to me. Reading accounting books or listening to accounting podcasts daily will help me gain accounting knowledge. Timeliness as in being on time in everything I do is my main area of concern. Starting my day off on a delayed note will put everything else to be caught up, my timeliness being an inclusion. I will tackle this by being determined to reach everywhere I go early as opposed to being on time. This program is a self-initiated course whereby I will stick on my educational actions for 21-days daily and endlessly. I will deploy this scheme to grow fabulous customs, try out fresh and innovative customs that I might I have not primarily chosen on for trial reasons. The first 21 days procedure will require no commitment since it will just be a try out period.

Joe’s Goals is a straightforward yet influential tool to the trailing of my goals. I will track my daily endeavors using Joe’s Goals. Using the easy single page interface, I will put down my daily goals and trail them only with a click. Watching my daily score gage my accomplishments and use unconstructive goals to tackle and conquer dreadful customs that require to be boosted, will be a valid plan of action.

Family Goal

Being married is every person’s ambition and dream. The Saudi Arabian culture requires a person to have a family. Life in Saudi Arabia is a communal thing hence starting a family is not a strange issue. It will be strange if one does not have his or her own family. The desire of having a family is my main motivation. Desire is the endeavor of a contained opportunity within a person, looking for expression without a person’s actions and deeds. Marriage is the course by which two individuals who adore each other make their connection public, certified, and everlasting. It is the amalgamation of two persons in a connection that supposedly lasts up to death, but in performance is more and more cut short by divorce. I still have to get married because of family ties. Beloved, there is a deep and remarkable motive for the way the almighty ordered the conception of man a thing that is remarked on all through the Holy book. A person should observe the marriage institution to discover the realization of being human. Marriage is ordered as the amalgamation of a man along with a woman.

Personal Goal

After completing my studies, I intend to open my accounting company in Saudi Arabia. This is a long term goal because I will have to be employed in my native country to get familiar with how things work. Positive contemplations guide to positive outlooks that lead to optimistic actions and optimistic results. It will take many years to open a renowned firm but I am confident that following my instincts and working hard will make this possible. To achieve any of my goals requires an elevated amount of hard work and desire. Corporation with the Saudi Arabian accountants will help me get the right knowledge and acquaintance to start up my office.

Implementation is the only way forward to achieving the above goals. There is no substitute for taking action. I will be checking my progresses every last day of the month. This is in an attempt of keeping track of my accomplishments. In case of failure within the first 21 days, I will restrategize my plans towards the right course. I will try out the 21 day plan for some days before starting to accomplish my goals. Mentally preparation before the forthcoming 21 days will set me in the correct frame of mind for achievement. My goals are tangible and can be seen. The tangible results of my goals are; completing my master degree, being happily married, as well as, having an accounting office in Saudi Arabia. I will know my achievements having attained these goals.

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