Assignment InstructionsInstructions: Please read the attached lease.Complete the lease as if you were renting an apartment in a complex.DO NOTuse your personal information, simply make it up.After completing the lease, directly under the lease, please write a 300 word minimum report answering the following:1. What is wrong with the lease and why?2. What needs to be added or what needs to be removed from this lease.3. Is the lease residential or commercial?4. Explain why the Property Manager is responsible for making sure the lease meets the law’s qualifications for your state laws and federal laws.Submission Instructions: Must submit this assignment as one document in a word .doc or .docx file. You only need to upload ONE document. Do NOT submit in a .pdf or any other file format.Requirements:- Completed Lease (9 pages total)- Minimum 300 word report answering all the questions (1 page)- Proper spelling and grammar is required.- Double space your report.- Add your name to the file name of the document.

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