Hamlet Scene Pre-Writing Worksheet

What scene is the focus of your analysis/interpretation? Remember that the “scene” should be approximately 70 lines and have a natural beginning (starting point) and ending (stopping point) (very beginning or end of an actual scene, or a moment when a character enters or exits)

Act ___I, Scene III___, Lines _________

What is your thesis about the scene? Write it below:

What is your focus with respect to this scene? Circle ONE:

Character (name the character: ____Ophelia and Polonius_____________________________)

Development of a Theme (name the theme: ___________________________)

Significance to the play as a whole (What is its significance? _____________________)

Interpretation of action of the scene

What are the possible interpretations?

What do you think is actually happening? (i.e. what is your interpretation?)

What staging elements are you planning to analyze in your essay to support your thesis? Choose 4-5 from the list below and/or add your own if not listed. You will use these to show how the play reveals your interpretation, your thesis

Use of colorLightingProps and Setting

Tone of voiceBlocking (Character movements and body language)

Facial ExpressionsSound/MusicCostumes

Cadence/Tempo of speech____________________________________


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