3 Kinds of Essays

When a teacher assigns an essay to his/her students, they should expect much more than just that. There is more to this composition than just a typed page before them, blood, sweat and sometimes tear’s, have gone into some of these essays. There are many types of essays but, I have managed to break it down into three subgroups. There’s the easiest of the three, the one all students wish they could do, when assigned, start working on it and break the essay down to its simplest parts. These are the essays that are of course, done on time if not before hand. The second are not as bad but, stressful; these are for the people that “work better under pressure.” These students tend to pull “all nighter’s” and then print out their paper in the school library. Than there are the “con-artists” that will do the least amount of work possible to get by.

As a student, I always admired the other student’s that could start working on their assignments, as soon as they were assigned. I must have been absent when they taught how to do that in elementary school. To be able to come home from school and, NOT take off your shoes and sit in front of the TV, is a talent. To come home and, just keep on working on school work, amazes me. I am sure it is much easier for these people because, they are still in the school state of mind when they get home. They also have all the time left over to themselves. These students stress levels are much lower than the other two groups of essay writers. It’s not so much the essay itself but, the work that goes into it that goes unseen.

In this case, maybe the lack of work that goes overlooked is better for the student. For the student’s that work better, “under the gun,” they know what they are doing. They are aware of the due date, and are aware of the assignment. These students choose to ignore that fact till they have about 8 hours till class, of course it being 3 o’clock in the morning. These essays sometimes turn out to be your best pieces of work or your worse pieces of crap you’ll ever turn in. It all depends on what time of night it is or, is the morning? It also helps if you have enough change to print it out in the library. The stress keeps these people running, sometimes all the way to the classroom.

The last type of essay has more thought put into it than any of the essays, without having anything written down. These are the essays of a “con-artist” soon to be the salesman of your nearest car dealership. These students will buy enough time to do the least amount of work possible. Unfortunately, these are sometimes some of the brightest kids in the classroom. On the other hand, they are also the stupidest, because if they were so smart, why not just do the work in the first place. Still they are smart enough to see, that it has worked all this time, why stop now. The stress level might seem low on these students but, over time build up. These people are walking stress bombs waiting to go off, always hoping they will make “their due date.”

As a whole, all essays have work put into them. Teachers are not always aware of the thought and, effort put into these papers. Of course, of the three essay types detailed, some have more than others. All essays require a certain amount of stress and feeling from the writer. This should be appreciated, no matter what type of person wrote it. Whether, it is the “good student,” that starts it without thinking twice or, the one who will sacrifice sleep or, the one that will talk his way from an F to a bearable D+, for the marking period. What all these types of essay composers have in common is, they all have the same blood, sweat and, tears being put into their essays with every line.


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