Just Do It (Nike)

The slogan means universal and intensely personal. It does not mention its sports brand name, and despite this, the Nike brand has grown marvelously over the years. It has become one of the world’s biggest profile athlete brands. Its launch increased shares from 18% to 43%, showing that it was well accepted by the people and triggered more sales. The victory of the slogan is evident until now as profit gradually increased from the year 2010 to 2019. The slogan creates an emotional appeal to the audience. When it was launched, many people contacted Nike and explained their personal stories on how they ‘just did it’; for example, some chose a happy life despite the challenges and considered the rest as history. Another incident was when they used an 80-year old marathoner to explain the feeling of ‘just do it.’ The advert showed the elderly athlete as he exercised every morning wearing the Nike shoes. The story creates an emotional affection, and many viewers see that they can also do it and achieve more greatness despite what they may be going through. Also, the slogan connects with its audience. The involvement of basketball stars and athletes in their adverts showed that the shoes were not only meant for ordinary people but also to the professionals in various athletes. The connection greatly influenced their sales as people related their brand to more achievement. Different people from given races and ethnic groups were also involved during the campaigning of the slogan. The significance of equality promoted their brand as everyone worldwide wanted to enjoy this lovely notion from the brand. I would consider the Nike brand to adopt the slogan, ‘Enjoy Greatness’. The probability of a slogan being more successful and creating an emotional appeal to customers is; its ability to trigger joy. The slogan already suggests that they will be joy when one purchases the brand since most people work towards being prominent and successful. Customers will be lured to purchase the product more as the message is more pleasing. In an advert, the brand can involve a young football teenager who enjoys the lovely feeling of greatness of being signed into a big team at his young age. A deep emotional feeling will be felt by the audience as they relate the child’s accomplishment to the event of owning a shoe from the Nike brand. If Nike can adopt this new slogan, there can be a positive increase in brand loyalty.

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