Joker Stairs as a New Bronx Attraction

Joker Stairs as a New Bronx Attraction

Internet loves hype: from Gangnam Style to the Harlem Shake, it just comes
across all the social media and makes people go crazy about it. The same is
with places: now a new tourist attraction in Bronx, New York, has become not a
park, museum, monument or art installation, but a simple stairway. Squeezed
between ordinary apartment buildings, it has been named Joker Stairs after the
famous Joker movie scene. Since it was released, fans were coming there to pose
for photos and later spam in the social media – to the growing annoyance of
local residents.

Film-related tourism

Quite often
people visit places they see in their favorite shows and movies: Kevin`s house
from «Home Alone» on Lincoln Avenue 671 in Chicago, Swan House in Atlanta or
Central Park in New York that was shown in many different famous films.
However, the relationships between the tourist attractions, tourists and local
residents differ depending on the place. Less than two weeks after Joker was
presented and gathered over $737 million worldwide, it left for fans a steep
set of stairs in the Bronx region (between Shakespeare and Anderson avenues).

When fans
found out that the scene was filmed in a real public place, they started
traveling to this place brightly dressed and playing soundtracks from the movie.
Now they are more known as Joker Stairs, a tourist attraction, and posing at
them (ideally, in a costume) with posting these pictures on Instagram has
already become a meme (images tagged #JokerStairs). The first meme was
published in April 2019 when such pictures were used for the movie advertising
campaign. From there, it got the name of Joker and Peter Parker Dancing meme
(photoshopped pictures from Spider-Man 3 on the stairs).

this month some fans published the location of the stairs on Google`s Street
View and opened them to the floating of tourists. Local residents were not
thrilled by such popularity: some of them hung posters asking to leave them
alone, some, more irritated representatives, threw eggs at tourists claiming
they never spent money there but instead made a lot of pictures. One woman
remembers avoiding these stairs when growing up: now this place is much safer
for everybody.

This is not
the first time when a movie scene quickly turns into a new tourist attraction
and people have to deal with it. Going viral is absolutely natural as well as
doing selfies. This is what a modern world consists of and it is also known as
the Instagram effect or meme tourism.

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