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March 2, 2019
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Job Hazard Analysis – Good Answers

Job Hazard Analysis – Good Answers

Review of the assignment directions and the Job Hazard Analysis, US
Department of Labor, OSHA, located on this course page: Heads Up: Job
Hazard Analysis Activities Due in Module 8

Submit your short video/photo sequence and JHA written assignment.

Criteria for Grading:

Review these questions after you are preparing your JHA. Please answer
these questions with your written assignment. The writing assignment
rubric will be used to assess your work.

Did the work thoroughly describe/display the step-by-step potentially hazardous task (existing controls, if any)?
Did the work adequately describe the specific hazard?
Did the work identify who will be harmed and how (consequences: short term, long term)?
Did the work identify what hazard controls or corrective action(s) could be implemented to reduce/eliminate the hazard/risk?
Did the work identify how the hazard controls or corrective action(s) will be implemented and verified?
Use proper APA citations and references; check for grammatically sound
and free of spelling errors, and follow required formatting rules. When
using details, cite your work when referring to resources used.

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