Job Analysis

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Course Tittle

Professor’s Name


Background Information

Job Title

Labor and employment Attorney.

Job family







Full time


The incumbent has employed several personnel including secretary and his assistant. Generally he is the head of the agency

Name/Contact information

Mr. Chris / 345-689-7857

Tenure in this job

Mr. Chris established this agency 10 years ago in the year 2010.

Before starting this agency, he was assistant attorney at another company.

Tenure with the organization

10 years

Hours worked per week

He works for 12 hours a day for six days in a week

Job description

Performs job duties consistent within legal, safety and regulatory needs.

Entails maintaining agencies standards, values, business practices, and values

Involves acting within the highest level of integrity, personal and business ethical standards in all areas of job performance.

Management of all labor related legal issues and commonly helping the agency in all employment associated issues.

Duties and Task

Managing the impact of regulations on company’s business

Creates and reviews regulations

Makes changes to the rules and policies of the company

Reporting findings on the company executive and board

Gather and evaluate statistics on operations to weigh how protocols are affecting corporation profits

Establishes when to raise particular subjects to the responsiveness of the General Counsel

Monitoring the company welfare and services policies

Manages, supervises, and evaluates outside panel on occupation connected issues including litigation.

Teaches stakeholders and clients on policies, procedures, and legal matters

Creates and upholds relations, trustworthiness and credibility with customers, investors, authorized team associates and other contemporaries

Ensures compliance with all applicable policies, regulations, and laws.

Recognizes and evaluates legal opportunities and risk within the employment and labor sector and recommends accordingly.

Independently manages legal concerns and schemes ranging from basic to complex

Organize and schedule appointments

Assists in preparation of regulatory reports

Plans meetings

Updates and maintains policies and procedures

Advocates the company interest in assigned matters


Must have a bachelor degree from an accredited law school

Customer and personal service

Administration and management knowledge

Must have a minimum of seven years of practical labor and employment knowledge with a commercial legal department or a nationwide renowned law firm

Knowledgeable in counseling clients on labor and employment matters

Committed to being a legal business partner to internal clients

Knowledge in strong writing skills

Knowledge in state labor and employment law

Clerical knowledge


Written Communication Skills.

Verbal Communication Skills.

Resilience and self-confidence

Attention to detail

Time management

Eye for detail

Commercial awareness

Self-confident and inspires confidence from clients

Good team player, calm under pressure.

Self-starter with good business sense and a sense of urgency, honesty and fairness.


Initiative and Independence ability.

Creative Problem Solving ability.

Ability to work under pressure

Commercial Awareness ability.

Ability to understand people.

The ability to work under pressure

Ability to manage heavy workload in a high-pressure environment.

Ability to cross think and determine who should be kept informed

Ability to clearly make reasoned recommendations

Speech clarity


The common purpose of job analysis is to document the needs of an occupation and the job done. Task and job analysis is done as a opening to successive activities, including to write a job description, training needs assessment, define a job domain, create performance appraisals, compensation and organizational analysis, selection and promotion, planning. The information given by job analysis is valuable for nearly all stage of worker relationships. The aim of Job Analysis is to create and document the employment relatedness of job actions for instance performance appraisal, training, compensation, and selection. Job analysis is a mechanism of evaluating information of employment that aids human resource professionals to do basic actions efficiently and effortlessly. The entire procedure of purposes starting from acquisition, signing of individuals for the business, up to their departure from the company comprises a series of significant info about occupation, and such data are obtainable through job analysis. Consequently, job analysis leads to effectual operating of HRM activities.

While performing the interview with Mr. Chris, I got well-educated on several things and what it takes to be a good employment and labor attorney. What I like most about the job analysis was the transparency and openness of the manager. He was willing to open up about anything I desired to know. I equipped myself with knowledge, skills, and abilities that one requires to be an employment and labor attorney. The job analysis is the most all-inclusive technique to recognize certain “can do” and “will do” modules of the sales, service, and support job. With the assistance of a job analysis, I can precisely recognize job contenders with the utmost capabilities to turn out to be high performers. By using job analysis to create a firm ability selection basis, the company can gain profits that include higher revenue per call, higher customer satisfaction, improved company culture, and lower early-stage attrition.

There are several difficulties and challenges involved in a job analysis process for example lack of proper communication, distortion from incumbent, inadequate time and resources, improper questionnaires and other forms ,absence of confirmation and assessment of job analysis procedure and absence of recompense or recognition for providing.

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