Introduction to Theory and Course Navigation

MN 502 Unit 1 Discussion 1
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Unit 1: Unit 1: Course Overview – Discussion
Topic 1: Introduction to Theory and Course Navigation
Topic 1: Introduction to Theory and Course Navigation
Throughout this course, there will be many opportunities to exchange opinions and comment on other students’ ideas. Please take this opportunity to introduce yourself and to learn something about one another. Share a brief introduction that helps us get to know you as we develop our online community. Consider the following:
What is your area of nursing expertise?
What is your current position or work in nursing?
What are the reasons that you decided to obtain a master degree in nursing?
Is there anything you would like to share that would help us get to know you better? If you feel comfortable in sharing your picture, please add as an attachment. A smaller size is preferred.
Please visit the following areas from your Kaplan University home page, classroom, and Kaplan University Catalog. Read the content and explain one item of interest that you learned from each area below:
The Course Syllabus (in the Course Home);
MSN Practicum (in the Course Home);
The Student Resources (in the Course Home);
The Course Outcomes (located within the Syllabus);
Academic Freedoms and Student Responsibilities (located within Kaplan University Catalog);
Conduct (located within Kaplan University Catalog);
Responsible Use of University Technology (located within Kaplan University Catalog);
The Honor Code (located within Kaplan University Catalog);
Plagiarism Policy (located within Kaplan University Catalog)

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