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There are many ways that bring out the unethical values in the business world. The present businesses are known to take advantage of ignorant in the society. This is seen in the overpricing of basic goods and services in the market, selling fake goods that are not recognized in the market and offering false advertisement which misleads the client on the purchase to make. The society thus faces an incredible amount of deception at the hands of the aggressive business society. One of the ways that this can be curbed is through the incorporation of Christian values. Christian values educate the society on making the right choices in all aspects of their lives (Chewning, Eby & Roels, 1992).

Purpose of the paper

The purpose of the paper is to provide an analysis on integrating business and Christian concepts. The paper uses two particular books that write on the issue at hand. These readings are complemented with the information from other sources. This gives the paper a comprehensive study by offering different opinions. The paper looks into the ways in which people can incorporate business and Christian concepts in the present economy. The paper finally provides a concluding paragraph that gives recommendations on the way forward.

Role of business in society

Business involves providing goods or service in exchange for something of monetary value. It is essential for all economies to have stable business environment so that they can improve the value of the country. People measure value in several ways depending on what they consider ideal for their situation. The main aim of any country is to have a consistent GDP at the end of each financial year. The United States is the most successful economy in the present world. This is credited to the various factors which range from hard work, persistence and investment (Collins, 2001).

Business in relation to moral codes in the society

The need to maintain the success of the economy is one of the priorities for the country as a whole. This places an immense amount of pressure on the working class. Business consists conducting transactions that may involve the transfer of a sufficient amount of money. Closing a deal ensures the success of an individual in terms of getting a raise, promotion or ownership of a company. The endless possibilities of having a business are thus one of the American dreams that all citizens aspire to have. Achieving all these aspects is a positive factor in the life of any individual. This however has some disadvantages due to the repercussions that come with running a business. Majority of the businesses do not observe the moral code that comes with the job. This is encouraged by the pressure that comes with the need to meet deadlines, make sales and make profits. The business world needs to improve the level of ethics so as to maintain the dignity of the country and its citizens. A significant number of professionals acknowledge the requirement to improve the business moral values and ethics. This is however difficult to achieve due to the influence of several factors while conducting business. One of the suggested solutions is to incorporate Christian values with business so as to bring back the traditional values (Stielstra & Hutchins, 2009).

Integrating business and Christian concepts

Concept of leadership

According the book, “business through the eyes of faith”, the author reveals the approach of a business from a Christian point of view. The Bible places emphasis on observing justice in all aspects of life. This rule also applies to the business in regard to being fair when making transactions. In order to achieve these qualities, one has to set their mind to be prepared for the world. This involves looking at a business as Gods choice of work for human beings. It is possible to have a sense of what is right and wrong when doing business. This is determined by the cultural values that each community has. Having knowledge of a particular factor and putting the knowledge into effect are two different things. The business world is full of a number of influences that make an individual sell their souls to the devil. These Christian values apply to both employers and employees in any organization. Employees learn from following examples that their bosses provide during transactions. If employers are not ethical, employees will as a result portray the same values vice versa (Stassen, & Gushee, 2006).

Fair treatment in and outside the business market(concept of justice)

Christian concepts allows for an individual to treat their neighbor as they would like to be treated. This means that all business transactions should be conducted fairly so that both parties can benefit equally. Practicing Christian concepts is difficult in the present America. This is credited to the amount of evil that is conducted on a daily basis. There are a number of social, political and emotional injustices that the ordinary man faces. This is primarily blamed on the capitalist society that the country’s principles are founded. The presence of a large gap between the rich and the poor is evident that there is a problem in the economy. This gap encourages people to perform all kinds of injustices so as to meet the standards of the society. One of the ways that Christians can be reminded of applying ethics and morals in business is educating them on the basic concepts of Christianity. One of the ways that can be done is by holding seminars that educate business holders on Christian concepts. This will make a significant impact in terms of creating equity of resources in the society (McSwain & Allen, 2008).

Integrating Christian concepts in a diverse world (concept of tolerance)

Combining both Christian and business concepts is an ideal situation for restoring pride in the business world. This is however, difficult due to the social arrangement of the communities. America is arguably the most diverse country in the world. This is credited to a number of factors that range from immigration and migration. The presence of different cultures brings forth the practice of different religions. Religion is a controversial topic that is responsible for a number of social prejudice and discrimination cases. This factor creates a gap between different individuals in any gathering. The availability of different religious groups is responsible for the divide and lack of corporation in several areas. Enforcing business concepts in the business environment will seclude different people due to the different beliefs. This situation makes the application of the Christian concepts difficult for business owners. One of the ways that this can be avoided is by creating an understanding in the business community. Each religion has different concepts that differ on several aspects. Embracing some Christian concepts will thus be insulting to alternative religions. One of the ways that this can be avoided is involving workmates in the suggestions about the listed policies. All religions call for observing peace, justice, and fairness when conducting business. These values may differ to a certain degree due to the level of strictness the religions project. Making different cultures and religions part of decision making in terms of ethics is ideal for communication (Collins, 2001).

Conflict of moral observation and human nature

In the Christian religion, the Bible summarizes the laws of God through the Ten Commandments. These laws define the way a Christians should live on a daily basis. These rules apply to the business world which takes up a lot of an individual’s life. The laws encourage human beings to follow all the commandments so as to be a good Christian. Despite this, the Bible also recognizes the fact that human beings are all sinners. This factor is a common topic of discussion due to the controversy that it relays. People use this excuse to justify the actions that they conduct during Christian transactions (Meyer & Moors, 2005).


Business is essential for the development of any society. Successful businesses ensure the provision of high quality goods and services that increase the living standard in the society. This is made possible by the increased rate of GDP that the country records. Majority of these businesses are known to break all the rules when it comes to making a sale. This reduces the dignity that comes with managing a business. One of the recommended factors that can change this situation is the incorporation of Christian concepts with business concepts. This idea continues to receive a significant amount of feedback both positive and negative. The business community can thus maximize on the advantages and minimize on the disadvantages that come with adopting implementing these policies.


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