In this Final Project, write a 5-7 page research paper using APA style and a minimum of three outside sources, in which you select one of the innovative treatment strategies that was covered this term (listed below).Family-based treatments (such as Functional Family Therapy)Juvenile diversionWraparoundMultisystemic therapyWilderness programsRestorative justiceJuvenile assessment centersJob ReadinessTeen CourtJuvenile Mental Health and/or Drug CourtDiscuss the following information in your paper:The offender population which the treatment program is designed to serve.How the treatment addresses risk and protective factors and/or special needs of offenders.The service providers and team members that should be involved in the treatment.How to address any potential complications with implementation of the program.A case study example of the program in practice, (can be fictional, but must be realistic and credible)Conclude by summarizing how your selected approach can utilize a case management approach to provide a comprehensive individualized treatment program.

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