Injustice happens in many different ways and it has deep rooted effects which make the society lose its shape and form. Injustice is referred to as the treatment of a person in a manner that is not deserved (McCoubrey 129). Therefore injustice is a detrimental practice in any society which makes the life of a person or a group of people to be unwanted in that particular society. For example when the black lives matter movement is hated by white supremacists that can be referred to as injustice even though most of the times there is more action into injustice more than just talk.

Other types of injustice especially in the united states of America is the systemic racial discrimination, redlining, police versus a citizen etc. this type of injustice is what has led to many people living miserable lives. This applies mostly to black people because they are the people considered not worthy of the privileges obtained by the white people. According to (Heinze, 200), the core elements of traditional justice were unity and measurement. Therefore I these two qualities were not present there was a very high likelihood of injustice.

This paper will look into injustice as well as justice. The paper informs the audience about the different injustices in the whole country and how some groups are still being denied justice in the courts of all. Justice explained as a group of people or a one person who get what they are supposed to get can be referred to explain the manner in which people are not treated in the right manner. An example here would be a white lady who buys bread exactly of the same size and shape as that of the black lady. In this case the black woman is treated as the change.

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