1. Chapter 4: Integrative Case 4.1 Starbucks, Profitability ratios:  a (p. 318): Exhibit 4.43 presents profitability ratios for Starbucks for fiscal years 2010 and 2011.Checklist: Using the financial statement data in Exhibits 1.26 and 1.27, compute the values of the following 18 ratios for fiscal 2012 based on an income tax rate of 35%. For accounts receivable turnover, use only specialty revenues for the numerator, because the accounts receivable are primarily related to licensing and food service operations, not the retail operations. Use cost of sales, including occupancy costs for the numerator of the inventory turnover because Starbucks does not disclose separately the cost of products sold (the appropriate numerator) and occupancy costs.2. Chapter 5: Questions and Exercises: 5.3 (p. 383):  5.3 Relation between Current Ratio and Operating Cash Flow to Current Liabilities Ratio.  A firm has experienced an increasing current ratio but a decreasing operating cash flow to current liabilities ratio during the last three years. What is the likely explanation for these results

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