If you agree with the offer, how would you handle Gloria’s concerns (detailed processes and structures)?

Victor Serna’s offer is a heaven-sent opportunity.
Victor says that his terms are not negotiable, but they in fact establish only the four corners of the contract. For the sake of consistency with her principles and her mission—and as part of a due diligence process concerning an offer from an angel investor—Gloria should explore with Victor how closely their values, interests, and methods overlap. She may find less to fear than she imagines—and reasonable ways to resolve material differences.
Victor offers necessary, advantaged, and virtually effortless capital from a single, well-qualified source. This investment would allow Gloria to focus on running and expanding her business rather than on fund-raising. The offer is, quite simply, a heaven-sent opportunity.
Merle D. Griff, CEO, SarahCare Adult Day Care Centers and Home Care
Victor’s offer of €3 million is exciting news for Gloria. But as someone who is in the process of seeking investors to fund the expansion of my company, I would advise her to proceed cautiously.
Gloria will need to examine the business and legal implications of Victor’s proposed deal, particularly with respect to the existing franchisee relationships. She must also evaluate whether the members of her staff have sufficient resources and an adequate infrastructure at their disposal to support expansion while still executing current operations effectively. Finally, Gloria will have to develop a strategic vision for collaboration between the wholly owned centers and the franchise locations, with the aim of meeting the company’s long-term financial goals.
Gloria should make sure that her practical goals align with Victor’s.
Entering into a business relationship in which red flags are apparent from the outset is never advisable. Victor’s behavior toward Gloria at their lunch meeting reveals that he’s accustomed to being a dominant force. His aggressive personality is not, on its own, a reason to discount him, but Gloria should make sure that her practical goals and her values align with Victor’s before moving forward with him. Some key considerations include the timeline for opening the new centers, overall performance targets, and the consequences if those targets are not met.
Gloria and her chief financial officer may assume that Victor’s value system matches their corporate philosophy because Victor is a physician. But he already seems to be disregarding one of Calidad de Vida’s most important tenets—transparency—by refusing to negotiate the terms of his offer and by dictating a deadline without a clear rationale for it.
It’s not unreasonable to suspect, for example, that Victor would respond differently than Gloria did to the interaction between Dr. Chavez and Señor Pico’s granddaughter at the flagship care center. Would Victor approve of Gloria’s instinct to intervene between a doctor and his patient, or would he instead support his fellow physician by default?
Other potential investors will share Gloria’s vision.
This seemingly simple, straightforward proposal from an angel investor actually raises complex questions about the future direction of Gloria’s company. Gloria should consult with her lawyers, board members, and management team—and then invite Victor in for another, more comprehensive discussion on her turf. The force of his personality might not be as strong in that context.
If Victor turns out to be unwilling to establish a process and a timeline that suit all the stakeholders at Calidad de Vida, Gloria should just walk away from the offer. Other potential investors will be more compatible with her personally and will share her vision. Without that type of bond, success will not be possible.
⦁ Should Gloria Londoño accept Victor Serna’s offer to become an angel investor in Calidad de Vida? Explain your answer and point-by-point why you agree or disagree with the expert view at the end of the paper.
⦁ If you agree with the offer, how would you handle Gloria’s concerns (detailed processes and structures)?

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