Identification of the Nursing Concern to be Improved

The nursing concern is effect of music on patient with traumatic brain injury.  The traumatic brain injury acute concussion or Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), isa major problem for adolescent and elderly people.  Some of the individuals don’t like to seek medical attention immediately, because maybe they are deficit of knowledge or suffering from mild symptoms. After months or so they have symptoms of headache, disturbance in sleep and interruption in their daily activity program. Then they can go to urgent care instead of neurologist. Primary care setting nurse practitioner who lacks specific training to assess for mild traumatic brain injury.

Hylin et al., (2013) discussed that the persistent post-concussive symptoms can result in stress, time away from work or school and functional disability.  In State of Ohio Laws and Rules (2017) in Ohio Revised Code 4723-8 explains that the nurse practitioner must have completed education and training in the detection of concussion, its clinical features, assessment techniques, and the principle to safe return to play and follow the guidelines. The nurse practitioner can see the patient in urgent care and then refer to the neurology specialist.

Adolescent and elderly who suffering from traumatic brain injury pain and treated with non-pharmacological therapy like music therapy.According to Centre for Disease Control and prevention (2017) in the United States, an estimated 1.7 million TBIs occur each year, roughly 80% of which are classified as mild TBI and rarely causes loss of consciousness at the time of injury..  The nurse holds the most interaction with patients in their care when assessing the pain and their support level. Another stakeholder would be other healthcare who also support the patient with pain management and other medical diagnosis.

EBP is very vital to use in traumatic brain injury patients. Integrating evidence-based practice management in the treatment of TBIs is critical in optimizing a patient’s safety, recovery and functional ability.  Preferred music therapy is effective with agitated traumatic brain injury patient then classical music. The nurse practitioner should provide education to the patient with TBI to promote better patient outcomes.

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