How much aid does Australia provide each year?

Some info about the country IndonesiaBackground data- Location – Population – Economic Statistics – Government Analysis – Wellbeing statisticsReasons why aid is required- Conditions that exist in that poverty – what parts In the country are vulnerable – Types of aids that are requiredWhat aid does Australia provide to this country?- How much aid does Australia provide each year? – What form does the aid take? Is it financial, technical, emergency aid or does it involve manpower?- How is the aid distributed to the people that need it?- Do any Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) support the aid efforts? How?Why is Australia providing aid to this country?- What are the short and long term objectives of providing the aid?- Does providing aid to this country benefit Australia in any way? i.e. increased political stability, reduced refugee exodus, access to mineral resources etc?- Develop recommendations for ways to improve the quality of aid Australia can provide to this country.- Is the aid likely to improve the wellbeing of people living in the country? How?

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