How do the research findings influence your practice in the dicipline of medicine/nursing?

Please pull a pubMed US written article-NO DISSERTATIONS situated in the positivist/ post positivist paradigm moslty dealing with a nursing/medical problem.
Please sumarize the following:
Paragigm the study was situated within
Brief description of research methods used
Detailed summary and discussion of the findings of the study and implications for implications for science…
Answer the following questions:
How do the research findings influence your understanding of the wquestion or problem studied
How do the research findings influence your practice in the dicipline of medicine/nursning?
What does medicine science need to know about this problem or question in order to better help “grow” the discipline?


Chapter 12.

In this assignment you will:

1) Identify the 4 phases of a community analysis.

2) Briefly describe and discuss each phase of the analysis.

3) Explain how nursing diagnoses are developed using the 4 phases of community analysis.


1) Limit your initial post to 300 words.

2) Use at least 2 literature resources to support your work. Your textbook can be one of the resources.

3) Address the three assignment items above.

4) No quotations are allowed in this assignment.

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