History: How the abolition of slavery impacts Puerto Rico ?

I Need a Power point research project.  no less than six slides and no more than seven. see attached the example as a guide. see the requirements. This is a Spanish class. it can be done in English or Spanish. If it is in  Spanish is better, but it can be done in English and i will translate.The research question of this work will be as follows: (How the abolition of slavery impacts Puerto Rico? )Note: That is, you should describe the things that this character achieved for the country. Or as the chosen event changed the country2,___Use of no less than six slides and no more than seven:a. An introductory slide with the title or research question and your name and student number.b. The remaining 4-5 pieces of information will be responsible for answering the information question:What was the impact of ________en the history of _________?c. An APA-2 style bibliography slide.3.__one or more than another image in the power point related to the theme. One of these images may be the image of the neighbor being investigated.4.__Bibliografía (no less than 4 references: Two from the Internet, one from one book and one from an interview- APA style)7. ___write in your own words. No copy paste.8. __ (Correct spelling and punctuation and note that the writing is yours and not a copy paste from the Internet or a book). Check the work before delivering it with this same check list.V. Depth9.__development  of the research question. Answer it through the power point presentation.10. __ Depth in the study. Copy paste is not accepted. Any plagiarism (may be: copy a concept, even a sentence, whose intellectual author is not you, invalidates this research- see the university’s politics regarding plagiarism). Each criterion is worth ten points.

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