1. British metal and L.A. metal both  enjoy success during the 1980’s.  How do they differ in approach?  Are  there similarities?  Give examples of both styles for support.1. “One” by Metallica shows a more  serious side of heavy metal.  How does the music fit the lyrical  content?  What elements of the song show the band’s influences?  Who are  they influential to?2. “Rock Box” by Run-D.M.C. provides an example  of the prototype of hardcore rap that was able to crossover to  mainstream audiences.  How does the mix of rock guitar and hip hop  beats, seen as adversaries at the time, fuse to create their signature  sound?  How are they influential to later rap and hip hop artists?”Color  Me Impressed” by The Replacements is a great example of a song that  came out of the Minneapolis indie movement in the mid-1980’s.  How do  the band incorporate pop music elements while still maintaining the edge  and sound of hardcore?  Is this moving toward a newer merger of styles  in the 1990’s?3. The PMRC believed that labeling  “pornographic content”on Cd’s would deter sales of both rap and metal  styles, as both were seen as detrimental to youth of America, even  pointing out antisocial behavior and suicide. Is this a direct attack on  “freedom of speech”? If so, what is the limit of free speech?

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