Government Spending and Taxation.Topic #2:Economic impact of high rates of Unemploymen

You can choose a Macroeconomics topic of your own interest. In case you are having difficulties in finding a topic choose one from the followings:Topic #1: Government Spending and Taxation.Topic #2:Economic impact of high rates of UnemploymentTopic #3: The Economics of Social Security.Topic #4:Is Inflation good for an economy?Topic #5: The Crisis of 2008: Causes and Lessons for the Future.Topic #6: Lessons from the Great Depression.Topic #7: Lessons from the Japanese Experience.Topic #8: The Federal Budget and the National Debt.Topic #9: Fiscal CliffGuidelines for your Short Essay:Writing Assignment Grading StandardsPointsGrammar Punctuation and SpellingAPA style for citations and no sign of plagiarism*Clarity of introduction conclusion and strong connection between introduction and conclusionEconomic analysis using economic principlesEmpirical evidence that supports economic analysisOverall quality of conclusion

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