government in the Constitution

The government of the United States is a constitutional government, which means that the powers of government are specified in the US Constitution, and any powers not specifically granted to government in the Constitution cannot be exercised by government. The US Constitution also grants certain powers to the federal government and other powers to the various state governments, but, again, only those powers that are specifically granted to a level of government can be exercised by that level of government. This idea that governmental powers are limited to those specified in the Constitution is the very basis of a limited government, and, in a real sense, the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. However, from the beginnings of the United States, it has been recognized that states have police powers that allow states (and their subdivisions cities) to do whatever they deem necessary to protect the public health, safety, morals, and welfare. So, despite a system of limited government, there is this potentially huge expansion of what state and local governments can legally do.Do some research outside of the course and the course textbook about the police power. Do you think the existence of police power is consistent with a constitutional government? Is the existence of the police power necessary? How does the police power affect business?

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