Going into English – Essay forme

Going into English – Essay forme

At first, thought hat wasn’t going to learn anything but at the end I found it amazing how this class helped me. I never thought could write a four page essay but as the time was passing I didn’t realize that I was improving in my writing.

My first stage was my first challenge, I didn’t know how to start, but put my headphones on and started typing. The next day, I asked for help in The Writing center and they gave great advices that had to do with my organization. When I turned it in couldn’t wait to get my teacher’s responses, which also helped me a lot to see what should’ve or should’ve not done .In my second stage the level of difficulty was raised up since we had to write more than 3 pages and that brought my attention higher. In stage 3 all the work I had to do was to organize my ideas for my next stage which was another research that gave me the ability of separating my topics.

In stage 4 we had to make an investigation where I learned how to do primary research. And had to Interview a person and that gave me a challenge of communicating with other people for my project.

And finally stage 5 became to be a little easier since it was a reflection of all the work we had already one, it made me realize that really improve in my compositions. Worked really hard this semester because wanted to start college with a good take off. In high school my disadvantage was my lack of maturity, But now that I’m in an upper level there are no choices left; either I raised my esteem or I would fail. I think that that’s another reason why I’m having a good time writing these essays.Sharing and expressing my own opinions is something that couldn’t have in high school, because there weren’t big challenges that would make us work really hard. This semester has become a semester full of challenges, improvements, and successes. I can now make an essay with facility, make my points and get the readers comprehend my ideas.

I definitely improve from where I was first. I had to brainstorm so could get all my points together . 1 actually wrote short paragraphs in my paper so wouldn’t forget later, and after that I would give a longer description about that same paragraph.What I really like at the end of every article is that we had to write a response which gave me a final understanding of what the article would talk about. One of the most difficult challenge had this semester was being able to read an article in a short amount of time . 1 separated the paragraphs so could get a better understanding of the lecture . Finding the audiences was the first and most important thing learned in reading.

Also learned to identify the main ideas of a topic, and I really enjoyed reading the articles since we shared our opinions in class.Everything went easier when I started to recognize my own errors and then correct them by myself; I accomplished all the steps that needed to understand the world f writing communication. I can call myself now an experienced writer, because I think I have all the requirements that writing, reading and learning needs. This class really helped me improve in all this three areas and I’m glad it did, because all this knowledge is going to benefit me for my future projects. What I also liked about this class was that really was comfortable with the class and that helped me just be myself.

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