Healthcare systems and diversity. The objective of Essay 1 is to analyze how Health Care Systems (HCS) work in two different countries or regions and whether these differences are amplified by the diversity of people in these areas.
October 22, 2018
Economics assignments. The United States of America’s national minimum wage is currently at $7.25 per hour for most occupations in the private sector. Over the past several years, support for an increase in the minimum wage has come from a wide variety of sources.
October 22, 2018

Explain the theoretical framework to be used in this EBP proposal


please only those who will have it done in 12 hours.

6 pages, min of 6 scholarly sources ONLY (less that 5 years) and cited in the text. APA format. NO plagiarism.

This assignment seems longer and more complicated than it really is. Please make sure that everything asked of below is clearly written in the paper.

Assignment Requirements:

1. Overview of Selected Evidenced-based Practice Project: This section provides a foundation to the MSN EBP scholarly project. It should contain the following elements:
– Explain the relationship between research and evidenced-based practice (EBP)
– Distinguish how EBP is different from research
– Explain the contribution of EBP to professional nursing
– Identify your MSN Program Specialty Track and practice focus (FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER)
– Explain how EBP promotes change within your future practice setting

2. Identification of the Nursing Concern to be Improved: This section provides a comprehensive discussion of the selected nursing concern. It should contain the following elements:
– Explain the selected nursing concern in detail
– Identify how frequently the selected concern occurs within your specialty track setting
– Identify the stakeholders impacted by the concern
– Identify the consequences of the selected concern
– Identify your proposed solution to the selected concern
– Identify a purpose statement for this EBP proposal

3. PICOT/PICo question and Literature Search Process: This section identifies the PICOT/PICo question that will used for this EBP proposal. The literature search parameters will also be identified. It should contain the following elements:
· Identify the question in correct format with all required elements
o PICOT for quantitative research approach
o PICo for qualitative research approach

Population: Parents of newborns
Intervention:  An education program to bring an understanding of the importance of vaccinations specifically Vitamin K, hepatitis B, and erythromycin eye ointment within 12 hours of birth. During this intervention, parent that decide to vaccinate or not vaccinate their newborns after participating in the education program will be measured.
Comparison: Mothers who haven’t been educated
Outcome: Increase in parental knowledge about vaccination acceptance leading to more children receiving their newborn vaccinations at birth.
Time: Three to four-month period.
· Identify how the expected outcome will be useful to your future practice setting
· Discuss the purpose of conducting a literature review and the contribution it will provide to this EBP proposal
· Identify the steps used to conduct a literature review for this EBP proposal by including:
o The specific library databases used
o The key search terms and phrases used
o The minor (additional) search terms and phrases used
o Identify any specialty organization that is relevant to this EBP proposal

4. Theoretical Framework: This section presents the theoretical framework that will used in this EBP project. It should contain the following section:
– Explain the theoretical framework to be used in this EBP proposal
– Describe how the identified theoretical framework is applied to this EBP proposal

For this paper, the main topic on the part of PICOT question is on the vaccines that newborns get within the first couple of hours after they are born. This is nothing to do with other vaccines children. Only on the topic of newborns and the vitamin k, hepatitis B and erythromycin eye ointment that is given at birth, No other vaccines.

Also, it is important because there are still many mothers who decide not to give them to their newborns and that can cause issues of the baby, especially the vitamin K since it reduces the chances of the child developing intracranial hemorrhage, thats why an educational program will be implemented to educate pregnant mothers on the importance of them.


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