Explain the options of course delivery methods.

You are the training consultant for an international organization that wants to offer international business management courses to their employees. In a 1-2 page paper:

  1. Explain the options of course delivery methods.
  2. Give the advantages of each delivery method.
  3. Provide the disadvantages of each delivery method.

assignment number 2


Developing instruction without setting goals and objectives can lead to an aimless and unfocused presentation. For this assignment:

  1. Develop 3 goals for your training.
  2. Develop 3-5 objectives of your training for each of your goals. Remember, the objectives should:
    • Have a specific and measurable outcome
    • Have a specific deadline.
    • Be relevant to the participants’ job
    • Be relevant to the overall goals of the organization.

Example Objective: The participants of this sales training will be able to utilize 5 different closing techniques by the last day of this training.

Example Objective: One hundred percent of the nursing staff will perfectly implement the new kidney dialysis procedure by June 30, 20xx.

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