Evaluation of Telecommunication Equipment Delays in Software-Defined Networks

Evaluation of Telecommunication Equipment Delays in Software-Defined Networks

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Evaluation of Telecommunication Equipment Delays in Software Defined Networks


Project Problem Domain: As a postgraduate student at Charles Sturt University I must do a research for a subject called Emerging Technology and Innovation. The subject name implies the aim of this subject. As per the meaning of this subject here I am analysing about a research named as Evaluation of Telecommunication Equipment delays in Software defined networks. Network operators enable to program their networks more flexible through Software-defined networking. SDN empowers to find answers to long standing problems in networking and related fields (Kreutz, Ramos & Verissimo, 2013).

Background/Context/Description: This is a personal project doing by considering various research articles related to this topic by other researchers. In this paper I am going to analyse the article done by Buzhin & Mironov, 2019, about Evaluation of Telecommunication Equipment Delays in Software-Defined Networks. SDN is one of the ideal models of new generation for portable and fixed communications. It allows to perform diverse control functionalities, for example routing, because it permits traffic flow on various parameters and traffic stream in centralized manner (Boero, Marchese & Patrone, 2018).

Project Aim/Objectives: The purpose of SDN is to separate the functions of traffic transfer from the control functions and as a result of that create special software that enable as a separate server. To provide applications by giving access to network management all routers and switches should combined under the control of SDN controller. Quality service has characteristics of usability, availability, integrity, continuity and secure services. When considering the quality of telecommunication equipment, we can see there are time delays. Therefore, when designing SDN with different input flows of information with considering quality services it is important to evaluate the time delays in telecommunication (Buzhin & Mironov, 2019).


The outcome of this research is depending on what cause delays in telecommunication equipment of software defined networks and how to calculate these delays. The main consequence for the delays in the software defined networks switch through input stream in depth, the rate of processing of incoming packets and number of entries in the addressing table. Parameter value has been taken through plotting the dependencies from datasheet. Considering the following graph, we can see total delay in the SDN switch has increased (Buzhin & Mironov, 2019).


There are formulas used to measure the waiting time for the queue in switch operation model which are; and also as second part of the switch model is estimated as;

Finally, the total delays are calculated as; w w1 w2 w3

The linear queuing system with r waiting places used for the algorithm for the functioning of SDN controller and at the same time the time of service of every application with any device C is expanded with a parameter .

The delay for stationary distribution of a message will be estimated in this model. To measure the total probability, the formula used with considering the distribution function of the stationary which showed as Wcon(x) as the waiting time of the message for the maintenance which is mentioned below;

Based on the formulas they have constructed graphs to explain the delays of telecommunication equipment of software defined networks.


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