ethics redo

PART 11 Describe Wilson and Brown’s typologies of police, and explain how each might use        discretion.. 2 Describe Sherman’s police “values” and Herbert’s normative ordersPART 21. List some laws justified by legal paternalism. Provide the rationale for such laws, as well as opposing arguments. Discuss some types of laws that are justified by legal moralism. What are the major arguments for and against such laws?3. Describe in detail the evidence for and against the bureaucratic justice model of the system.5. Provide some examples of the types of issues covered in Chapter 3 (for prosecutors) and Chapter 4 (for defense attorneys) of the ABA Criminal Justice Standards.PART 32. What are the three different objectives or approaches to prevention? Explain some issues with each.4. What are the criticisms of the supermax prison? Compare them to the Supreme Court’s definition of cruel and unusual punishment.PART 42. Describe the role ambiguity that Cos faced in the 1970s and 1980s. What are the role types of officers identified by R. Johnson?4. Explain the two areas where probation and parole officers have discretion.

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