Ethical Dilemma problem 2This project contains two sections. 1. The “ethical dilemma problem 2”written paper. 2. Describe the seven principles of the CFP code of ethics.1. Written paper Instructions: Please use the case study format below. Points will be deducted from your grade for not following the case study format.•  CASE ANALYSIS: Brief analysis/summary of the case•  PROBLEM(S): Identify the problems/issues. Describe and define the Regulations and Standards which  were violated.•  SOLUTION(S): Possible Solutions of identified problems/issues –the best strategy that can be used to  solve the problems if this issue occurred at your job. What could you do to solve the problem?•  RECOMMENDATION(S): Recommendation: what would you recommend in solving this problem by reviewing the solutions you have the most confidence in. What are the reasons for the preference? How would you prevent future similar issues if you were the office manager/or owner of a personal financial planning firm?•  CONCLUSION: Briefly describe how you would implement the recommendations and/or contingency plan.A well supported paper includes outside research and reference to our text book. This will help to substantiate your ideas and recommendations. Your paper should be labeled with each section (analysis, problem, solution, etc) Double spaced, 3 – 5 pages in length, 12 point font, proper reference and citation must be included.Ethical Dilemma problem 2:Mike is both a certified professional planner and a general partner of a hedge fund. He was a successful professional planner and had a large group of clients. He placed most of his clients in that hedge fund. He did not tell his clients about his ownership in it. When the results were disappointing, he sold his ownership and personal holdings in the fund. Afterward, he advised his clients to get out of it.In this case what would you recommend if this certified professional planner was your employee? What would you do if this person was your business partner? What would you do to rectify the situation? Outline the SEC and CFP violations committed in this case:2. Also, on a separate page, please answer the following:List the seven principles of the CFP Code of Ethics. Describe and define each of the seven principles. Describe how Mike violated several of the principles.

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