English Discussion Question

A minimum of four paragraphs is required. Please explain your terms, citing specific examples and sources from outside research as well as your Readings/Viewings to support your claims and ideas.

Comment on the presentation here on this Discussion Forum in terms of overall presentation.

Responses should be well thought out, well supported and well written. Please explain your terms, citing specific examples from the video to support your claims and ideas.

  1. Structure

Introduction Elements: Attention Getter, Credibility Statement, State Topic and Preview of Main Points),
Body: connectives and supporting materials and reasoning; testimony, statistics, facts, examples — specific and extended (illustrations, descriptions, and explanations)
Rhetorical Devices MLK uses [see video by Prof. Matt McGarrity, University of Washington at left menu link under Course Materials.]
Conclusion Elements: Review of Main Points and Unifying Statement.

  1. Non Verbal Communication

Posture, poise, eye contact, audience focus, facial expressions, body and hand gestures.

  1. Oral Delivery

Volume, Pitch, Rate, Vocal Variety, Choice of Language, Articulation, Pronunciation, enunciation.

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