outline4-6 pagesStudy the case studies listed in this week’s reading assignments, and discuss the following:Which of the cases illustrate determinate and indeterminate sentencing structures? Explain your rationale.Evaluate the effectiveness of the sentencing models as well as the practical implications of the public policies behind each.Use the Cybrary for Criminal Justice resources. Click here to access a guide for using the CTU Criminal Justice Studies Library Research Guide.Lynch, G. E. (2005). SENTENCING: LEARNING FROM, AND WORRYING ABOUT, THE STATES. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 933-942.Bowman, F. O. (2005). THE FAILURE OF THE FEDERAL SENTENCING GUIDELINES: A STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 1315-1350.Robinson, P. H., & Spellman, B. A. (2005). SENTENCING DECISIONS: MATCHING THE DECISIONMAKER TO THE DECISION NATURE. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 1124-1161.

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