Do Medical examinations on patients, diagnose illnesses and disease, prescribe medicine, surgery, or other situations


Patent Attorney


Dean of Faculty

Airline Baggage Handler

Tax Preparer
Duties Prepare patent applications for clients; represent clients in patent infringement issues Do Medical examinations on patients, diagnose illnesses and disease, prescribe medicine, surgery, or other situations Oversees accreditation issues for the university, works with faculty engagement on teaching and learning issues Tag bags, load aircraft, transfer bags between aircraft and airlines; unload bags at baggage claim areas at the airport Prepare taxes for clients; assist with IRS audits and other tax related issues
Work Environment
Very individual; lots of desk work on the computer; must be able to work with the unique natures of inventors
Clinical; individual examination room, surgical suites, office for recording notes and writing notes for files Office, lots of computer work; most interactions are done virtually Indoors and outdoors; very physical; all temperatures and all weather; may have to work directly with passengers; will work with pilots and other airline staff Very busy during the tax season; requires a computer and tax software; internet to access the IRS website and file tax applications electronically; need a desk or some place to meet with clients
Current Technology Computer; Internet Access for patent searches and application filing and communication with clients; may need chemistry labs or other places to review patent applications Computer; Internet access for accessing files; Thermometers, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, EMG machines Computer, Internet access, software such as Adobe Connect, desire2learn; hardware such as a MondoPad; software for running reports about faculty May have scanners to read bag tags; computer software to ensure proper weight and balance and loading locations on aircraft Computers, printers, tax software, internet access, pencils, paper, electronic filing of tax papers in certain situations
Future Technology 3D printers, CAD software, Non-invasive thermometers, Fitbit software and technology, tricorders 3D Headset for improved virtual meetings Scannable chips in luggage; Electronic Receipts, Virtual tax meetings,
Resources Greg Golla, Intellectual Property Attorney, Merchant & Gould, Minneapolis, Minnesota John Vidoloff, MD, Physician, Aberdeen, South Dakota Manuel Gomez, PhD, Dean of Faculty, National American University, Rapid City, South Dakota Walt Bauer, Airline Station Manager, Aberdeen, South Dakota Lynette Gundrum, Tax Professional, H&R Block, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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