disparities in obesity

The article indicates that the disparities in obesity in American are evident through its prevalence among the racial minority population compared to their white counterparts. The research method included the use of relevant data sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles and abstracts obtained from several databases including EMBASE, AGRICOLA AND CINAHL. Results findings pointed out the family based behavioral interventions are the best methods for reducing childhood obesity. The study is significant to nursing and patient care because it family based interventions would provide nurses with adequate information on how to effectively address the problem.

The post Barr‐Anderson, D. J., Adams‐Wynn, A. W., DiSantis, K. I., & Kumanyika, S. (2013). Family‐focused physical activity, diet and obesity interventions in African–American girls: a systematic review. Obesity reviews, 14(1), 29-51. appeared first on essay-paper.
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