Discuss current management practices and principles used in the current global business environment.

Task Name: Phase 5 Individual Project
Deliverable Length: See assignment details
Details: click here for more information on this paperDespite some of the business challenges that you identified about your chosen country, you decided to move ahead and open an office in the financial center of this country. Your first customer is a large MNC that is looking to finance a plant in Latin America. They have asked for your assistance in advising them on this business endeavor.

  • Using information that you gathered from your Phase 4 IP and other course materials, discuss its options and the foreign exchange aspects that affect the financing for the MNC. Include the following:
    • Foreign currency risk
    • Why they need to hedge foreign exchange
    • What sort of foreign exchange instruments you would recommend
    • Whether they have to be aware of any government regulations that would affect earnings and cash flow
  • Include the need to be aware of inflation and interest rates and how it affects exchange rates.
    • Keep in mind that the country that the plant is in does not necessarily have to be where the financing is done.


Points Possible: 150
Date Due: Monday, Dec 21, 2014
  • Discuss current management practices and principles used in the current global business environment.
  • Summarize the opportunities and risks of doing business in foreign countries.
  • Explain how differences between foreign and domestic environments impact the conduct of business.
  • Describe how global managers are able to influence management decisions despite cultural and language differences.
  • Compare alternative organizational structures for international operations.
  • Discuss strategies organizations can pursue for international market expansion.
  • Use effective communication techniques.
  • Use team and problem-solving skills to collaborate on a
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