Dis Expository Wrtg Arts/Sci

Dis Expository Wrtg Arts/Sci

Assessment 3

What has been your biggest achievement in this class? What do you wish you had done differently? Write a reflection of about 100 words assessing your performance in this class. This is an extra credit (5 points!) activity.


Submit the final draft of your research paper in this area. Here, again, are the guidelines:

Title your paper.

Include an introduction that states the research question you were investigating and its significance.

In the body of your paper, incorporate at least five of the articles you found in your research

Use summary, paraphrase, quotes, and reflection. Your paper should not consist of more than 20% direct quotes.

Incorporate the feedback you receive from your presentation.

Use appropriate MLA, APA, or other documentation style consistently.

Check the documentation in your paper. Have you cited too much? Have you cited correctly?

Here’s a website with documentation tips:


Include a Works Cited or References page at the end of your paper.

Always proofread and reread your paper before submission!

Please recheck the section on Plagiarism in the “Getting Started” unit and your SafeAssign score. The average length of a paper is usually about 6-8 pages, though your paper length should be whatever you deem appropriate for your topic. The paper will be graded using the TODUM rubric, valued at 160 points, and you will not have the opportunity to revise this paper.

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