Develop a research question on evidence to support the use of alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies

There′s no scientific evidence to support the use of alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies or treatments yet estimates published find them the number one alternative to traditional medicine in Europe, Asia and the Americas. How do the sources help you understand the growing popularity and increased level of acceptance of alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies and/or the criticisms against them?

Choose one limited topic for this assignment. Examples include the following medicines, treatments and therapies (A more complete list and an excellent starting point for this assignment can be found at Dr. Stephen Barrett’s Quackwatch (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

Develop a research question. Review the Research Question Assignment. Present four credible sources for this assignment, at least one from your research assignments; others should come from the LibGuide (“Alternative Medicines”), the Library (see the LibGuide list of books, “Alternative, Complementary Medicine/Placebo Effect”), Quackwatch, or the “Alternative Medicines & Homeopathy:

Additional Sources” page on Canvas. Present a limited thesis statement and supporting reasons in topic sentences. Do not just summarize the sources: Present the material in unified and coherent single-source or multiple-source paragraphs that directly develop the thesis. Paraphrase, do not quote, material from the primary sources; you may directly quote secondary sources by following the guidelines in the “Quotes”Preview the document document.

Title the essay: It should state the point, the answer to your research question. Document the essay in MLA format: Include parenthetical citations for PDF source material. Include the writers’ and secondary sources’ credentials if significant and relevant. So my topic/research question is why is chiropractic care being more accepted and getting more popular. Every sentence must be signal phrase sentence, except the topic, and thesis.

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